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Crisp Scooters

The industry leader in scooter development

Crisp scooters have earned a reputation for being the perfect scooter to learn how to ride on.


Blaster Mini Overall Height 680mm

  • Crisp Blaster Mini Black / Gold Cracking



Crisp Switch Mini Overall Height 700mm

  • Crisp Switch Mini Black w/Blue



Crisp Blitz Overall Height 750mm

  • Crisp Blitz Black

  • Crisp Blitz White/Blue

  • Crisp Blitz Black/Green

  • Crisp Blitz White/Purple



Crisp Switch Overall Height 750mm

  • Crisp Switch Chrome Cloudy Blue / Black

  • Crisp Switch Black w Blue

  • Crisp Switch Black w/Purple

  • Crisp Switch Chrome Purple/Or/Red & Black



Crisp Blaster Overall Height 800mm

  • Crisp Blaster Black / Gold Cracking

  • Sample Text Here

    Crisp Blaster Black / Blue Cracking

  • Sample Text Here

    Crisp Blaster Black / Pink Cracking



Crisp Surge Overall Height 800mm

  • Crisp Surge CCP / Purple

  • Sample Text Here

    Crisp Surge Chrome Bl/Gr/Purple

  • Crisp Surge CCP / Green

  • Crisp Surge Chrome Cloudy Purple

  • Crisp Surge CCP / SKY BLUE BARS



Crisp Inception Overall Height 830mm

  • Crisp Inception Gold / Pink Lava

  • Crisp Inception Gold Cracking

  • Crisp Inception Red Cracking



Crisp Ultima Overall Height 870mm

  • Crisp Ultima 5.0 Blue & Green Cracking / Black

  • Crisp Ultima 4.8 Red & Silver Cracking / Black

  • Crisp Ultima 5.0 T Gold & Blue Cracking / Black


And it’s not hard to understand why – all Crisp scooters have a solid construction with outstandingly high rebound wheels. They also come in awesome colours, wicked designs and stylish finishing touches like neochrome clamps and forks. Now you can look amazing as you improve your riding skills. 

Crisp Blaster Scooters

Big brother to the Crisp Blaster Mini Scooter, the Crisp Blaster scooter is perfectly designed for young riders who are ready to advance to the intermediate level. It weighs a slightly heavier 3.4 kilograms – so those who are learning how to balance won’t lose any stability. And the best part? This scooter has an extra-wide deck of 11 centimetres, allowing both feet steady on the scooter so you’ll never lose control. 

Crisp Blaster Mini scooter

Sometimes good things really do come in small packages. That’s certainly the case with the Crisp Blaster Mini scooter. An entry-level scooter for small, younger riders, this scooter is jammed packed with high-quality components and features.

Featuring a metal springless brake and wide deck, the Crisp Blaster Mini Scooter offers plenty of room for beginners to improve and develop their riding skills.

Crisp Blitz Scooters

Calling all kids who want to start their scooting journey with a scooter that slays – the Crisp Blitz scooter is the perfect entry-level scooter for all beginner riders who want to develop their foot skills on the deck. Lightweight, durable and oh-so strong, the Crisp Blitz scooter is the ideal choice for little riders who want to jump on and shred. 

Crisp Switch Scooters

Perfect for youngsters or short riders, the Crisp Switch Scooter has a clean, sleek design with cool neochrome details on the clamp and fork. And because it’s slighter heavier than other professional scooters, this scooter provides better stability for beginners who are learning the art of control whilst performing rad stunts and tricks.

Crisp Switch Mini scooter 

What’s better than a Crisp Switch scooter? A mini Crisp Switch scooter! The Crisp Switch Mini scooter is the smaller, more compact version of its standard Switch scooter – making it perfect for little riders learning the art of scooting. With a modified version of the Crisp Blaster Deck, this scooter has amazing strength and reliability.

Crisp Surge Scooters

Are you looking for a scooter that will grow with you? The Crisp Surge Scooter is designed to accommodate everyone – from brand new novices to the advancing scooter veterans. Not only does this scooter have flat bottom and sides – making it easier to ride for beginners – but it also provides enough berth for you to improve and advance your skills.

Crisp Inception Scooters

There’s a reason why the Crisp Inception Scooters are so popular. That’s because even though it’s a scooter designed for professionals, it’s also perfect for beginners. Thanks to the Crisp Inception Scooter’s full aluminium lightweight bars, new riders can steer the scooter without a struggle. The deck also allows enough room for both feet making control a total breeze.

Crisp Ultima Scooters

Go big or go home. At a whopping 60 centimetres in height and 58 centimetres in width, the extra-large Crisp Ultima scooter is ideal for intermediate riders who want to go large and make a statement on the streets. 

The bigger and more squared profile deck allows for cooler, better grind tricks, and the Crisp Ulitma scooter’s large 120mm wheels high rebound alloy cores offer faster spins for even more rad stunts.

Crisp Scooters are suited for the following riders:

Age: 6+
Riding level: Beginner to professional
Riding Style: Professional (pro), street, skatepark, general fun.

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