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District Scooters

The ultimate freestyle riding experience
The pioneer of the modern freestyle scooter movement, District scooters excel in design, manufacturing and performance.


  • District Titus Complete – Navy Blue Black w 110mm wheels

  • District Titus Complete – Powder Pink/Black w 110mm wheels

  • District Titus Complete – Ano Gold/Black w 110mm wheels

  • District Titus Complete – Black/Black w 110mm wheels



  • District Titan Complete – Raw/Black w 120mm wheels

  • District Titan Complete – Black/Black w 120mm wheels

  • District Titan Complete – Sky Blue/Black w 120mm wheels


In 2007 District was the first scooter brand to develop freestyle scooter parts and accessories, and in 2009 they invented the first-ever slide-in brake for noiseless riding. Not bad for a humble scooter brand, huh?

District Titus scooters 

With a lightweight aluminium bar and easy to maintain compression system, District Titus scooters are the perfect scooter for hitting the skatepark, cruising the streets, and reaching new heights with your latest tricks. And their aluminium wheels have a spoked core, making them super durable AND stylish.

District Titan scooters 

Are you a daredevil who loves to fly? District Titan scooters are perfect for throwing tricks all over the skatepark. For those who need to land those oh-so critical landings, these scooters have a strong, rugged Chromoly steel bar. And a low-maintenance IHC compression system allows for smooth spin tricks and easy riding.

District Scooters are suited for the following riders:

Age: 8+
Riding level: Beginner to intermediate
Riding Style: Professional (pro), street, skatepark, daily commute, general fun

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We deliver Drone Scooters to over 220 countries worldwide – including Australia

Anywhere you are in Australia – or the world – we can deliver your new scooter straight to your door. In fact, we deliver to over 220 countries worldwide – now that’s a lot of scooters!

What size scooter should I choose?

Check out our handy sizing guide

In a nutshell, your new scooter should come up to your waist when you stand on the deck, and the bars should be roughly the same width as your shoulders. And remember to check out the size of the deck – the right size should comfortably fit your foot.

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