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Ethic Scooters

An exceptional price for an exceptional scooter

Created after the closure of failed scooter brand District and Addict, the gang from Ethic decided to put their heads together and rethink their strategy.


  • Ethic Dtc – Erawan Complete Scooter – Black

  • Ethic Dtc – Erawan Complete Scooter – Neo Chrome

  • Ethic Dtc Artefact V2 Scooter – Black

  • Ethic Dtc Artefact V2 Scooter – Neo Chrome



  • Ethic Erawan ‘Space’ Custom Scooter



  • Ethic Slayer Custom Scooter


What do riders want? All riders, from novice street shredders to scooting pros, want a high-quality scooter without the hefty price tag. So that’s what Ethic set out to do.

Now Ethic is renowned for producing amazing quality scooters at an affordable price. In the words of Ethic’s founders, “We want high-quality parts to be accessible to anyone. The objective is to make everyone realize that something else is possible, to make the riders independent, and allow them to make the choices that will give the good image of scootering.”

Ethic DTC scooters

A great choice for intermediate and professional riders, the Ethic DTC scooters are very light – but that doesn’t mean it’s not strong and durable. In fact, Ethic DTC scooters are known for their lightweight construction, beautiful, sleek design and advanced technical features.

And just like all Ethic scooters, this bad boy is competitively priced, making it accessible for everyone.

Ethic Erawan scooters

Designed for newbies finding their feet at the skatepark, or for young riders who need a lightweight ride, Ethic’s Erawan scooters are best suited for beginners. Their light construction and technical design make it one of the most responsive scooters on the market, so you can take your riding to the next level with ease.

Featuring a 6mm ICS compression and dryade aluminium bar, the Ethic Erawan scooter is so well designed you’ll wonder how you paid such a great price.

Ethic Slayer scooters

Are the metropolitan streets of the city your riding domain? Then you need a scooter as street-savvy as you. The Ethic Slayer scooter is perfect for the street style rider. Why’s that? Because the bars are taller, the deck is wider and more balanced, and the back end of the deck is boxed. This makes for ultimate control when riding your scooter through the busy streets of your city. Always ready to go, the Ethic Slayer scooter is super strong and always reliable.

Ethic Scooters are suited for the following riders:

Age: 8+
Riding level: Intermediate to professional
Riding Style: Professional (pro), street, skatepark.

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At GRINDLAb, we value our amazing customers. That’s why we offer a hassle-free local warranty on all of our scooters. That’s right – if there’s ever a problem with your new scooter through no fault of your own, we’ll get it sorted for you.

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