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Grit Scooters

Make Grit scooters your weapon of choice
Whatever your style, skill or ability, Grit has a scooter for everybody.


Grit ATOM Scooter Overall Height 750-800mm

  • Grit ATOM Complete Kids Scooter – Black – Ships Free

  • Grit ATOM Complete Kids Scooter – Blue – Ships Free

  • Grit ATOM Complete Kids Scooter – Pink- Ships Free

  • Grit ATOM Complete Kids Scooter – White – Ships Free



  • Sample Text Here

    Grit Elite Black Green Marble / Black

  • Grit Elite Black / Vapour Blue Black Laser

  • Sample Text Here

    Grit Elite XL Black Blue Marble

  • Grit Elite XM Black / Vapour Blue Black Laser



Grit FLUX Scooter Overall Height 800mm

  • Grit Fluxx Complete Pro Scooter – Neo Paint Black – Ships Free

  • Grit Fluxx Gold / Neo Painted



Grit INVADER Scooter Overall Height 920mm

  • Sample Text Here

    Grit Invader Satin Black



  • Grit Wild Black Purple Marble

  • Grit Wild Gold / Vapour Purple Black Laser


Using the latest in computer-aided design techniques, this brand has produced some of the most advanced and amazing Pro scooters on the market. In simple terms, these scooters are for riders who want to take their stunts to the next level. 

So what makes Grit scooters so different from the others? It’s simple – Grit is constantly improving its design and manufacturing to ensure that its scooters stay at the forefront of extreme scootering. By receiving countless hours of feedback and advice from pro riders around the world, these scooters are designed with your rider experience in mind.

Grit Atom scooters

Is your little tyke ready to graduate from a 3 wheel scooter to a 2 wheel one? Then Grit’s Atom scooters are just what your child needs to ride with the big kids. It’s the perfect first freestyle scooter for younger riders aged 6 years old and up.

And for those kids who like to stand out, the Grit Atom scooter comes with two sets of decals and grip tape so your child can customise their new ride.

Grit Elite scooters

Skate park and street-tested, the Grit Elite scooters have been approved and used by pro riders across the globe. This scooter has everything experience riders need to enhance their riding experience, and land those hard to master tricks. Built for average-sized riders, the Grit Elite scooter allows riders to ride faster, shred harder, and grind more.

Grit Fluxx scooters

Making the change from beginner to expert rider is always an exciting time. Make the transition even more fun with a Grit Fluxx scooter. The Grit Reinforced Riser handlebars, solid steel fork, IHC compression and metalcore wheel offer strength and durability, while the wide alloy deck provides extra support to land all your new awesome tricks.

Grit Invader scooters

Riding your very own complete Grit scooter is amazing – but what if you’re looking for something more … unique? The Grit Invader scooter has all the benefits of a custom made scooter – all with the convenience of buying it straight from the box. These scooters are made from several parts of Grit’s Aftermarket range, such as the Invader deck and Forged alloy fork.

Grit Wild scooters 

Finally, a scooter made and designed for female riders. After all, why should boys have all the fun?

With a heat-treated alloy deck and rigid soft feel grips, the Grit Wild scooter comes with an extra-wide deck, making this scooter is extra comfortable and super stable. And with two striking colour choices, the Grit Wild scooter is sure to turn some heads as you ride by!

Grit Scooters are suited for the following riders:

Age: 5+
Riding level: Beginner to professional
Riding Style: Professional (pro), street, skatepark, daily commute, general fun.

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