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i-GLidE Boardwalk Bobber 3-Wheel Scooter with Seat - Pink

i-GLidE Boardwalk Bobber 3-Wheel Scooter with Seat - Pink

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Change the height of your child’s i-Glide Boardwalk Bobber. Just undo the quick-release lever and the scooter’s height is instantly adjusted. Scooters Ship FREE

I-Glide 3 wheel scooters are the perfect place for kids to learn balance and have fun!
Children love learning new things and adventuring. Our easy-to-cruise kid's scooters allow them to do just that, safely.


The i-Glide is fun and simple to ride! Our Eezy-steer technology lets your child steer the scooter just by leaning while the durable brake allows for controlled quick stops.
i-Glide scooters feature ultra-soft handlebar grips designed for little hands and are comfortable as can be!


Feeling and being in-control will ensure your child gains confidence. The smooth, grippy wheels on the i-Glide scooter allow for smooth rolling and perfect turns. Multi-coloured LED lights embedded in the polyurethane wheels make riding the i-Glide as safe as it is fun!


The i-Glide 3 wheel scooter features a height adjustable aluminium handlebar with four positions so it grows with your child. Simply undo the quick release lever and the scooters height is instantly adjusted! This ensures that the i-glide scooter will give you many, many years of fun and cruising!


No matter what your child's favourite colour is, there is an i-Glide 3 wheel scooter that they will love. With colour coded wheels, brake and grips the i-Glide really stands out from the crowd. Add to this you have the choice of upgrading to one of three premium bar finishes to give your child's i-Glide scooter that custom look.


The i-Glide kid's scooter has a wide foot board giving your child plenty of room for their feet to be firmly planted. With enough space to push comfortably and control their movement, the ergonomic computer designed deck is built to endure whatever comes it's way!


  • Exclusive easy steer mechanism, (pivoting front wheels).

  • LED Light up Front and back Wheels.

  • New & Improved Brake.

  • Wide Reinforced Deck (holds up to 50kg).

  • Super Soft Grips.

  • Suitable for children 2 years and up.

Complete Scooter Tech Specs:
  • Barcode # 9350759078302

  • Weight 2.7kg (5.95lbs)

  • Overall Height 1* 665mm (26.18”)

  • Overall Height 2* 720mm (28.34”)

  • Overall Height 3* 800mm (31.49”)

  • Overall Height 4* 880mm (34.64”)

  • Bar Height 1** 530mm (20.86”)

  • Bar Height 2** 580mm (22.83”)

  • Bar Height 3** 660mm (25.98”)

  • Bar Height 4** 740mm (29.13”)

  • Bar Width 230mm (9.05”)\

  • Deck Length^ 520mm (20.47”)

  • Deck Width 130mm (5.11”)

  • Foot Space^^ 330mm (12.99”)

  • Wheel Size 120 x 80mm

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