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I-GLIDE | Complete Scooter | 3 Wheel Scooter | With Seat | Green

I-GLIDE | Complete Scooter | 3 Wheel Scooter | With Seat | Green

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The i-Glide Complete Scooter. A scooter that grows WITH your child. GRiNDLAb offers Local Supply & Fast Delivery. All Scooters Ship FREE.

Get the kids cruising from 12 months on the green i-glide with seat. The seated version of the i-Glide lets kids get on the move earlier and the removable seat gives the flexibility for the scooter to grow with your child.
The i-Glide Plus seat is a premium 3-wheel scooter developed to grow with your child from sitting to standing.

This is the ideal first scooter for children from the age of 12 months all the way to 13 years, the seat allows children to sit on the scooter and gain confidence when they first get moving with optimal stability while they cruise along.

When children are ready for the next step simply remove the seat and let them stand, the wide reinforced deck holds up to 50kg and the four-point adjustable bars stand at a fully extended height of 880mm with super-soft grips, these features were all specifically developed to enable the use of the scooter at all ages and skill levels.

i-Glide’s exclusive eezy-steer mechanism with 2 front pivoting wheels makes controlling and steering the scooter a breeze for little people at all skill levels both with and without the seat your child will be in full control.

The improved stability of the dual rear wheels and the scooters upgraded easy to apply rear brake gives kids the means to be in ultimate control of this premium kid’s scooter.

Available in 7 fun bright colours with all with smooth and quiet LED light up flashing wheels on both the front and back the i-Glide will be source of hours of scooting fun.


  • Exclusive easy steer mechanism, (pivoting front wheels).

  • Removable seat

  • LED Light up Front and back Wheels.

  • New & Improved Easy to Apply Brake.

  • Wide Reinforced Deck (holds up to 50kg).

  • Super Soft Grips.

  • Suitable for children 2 years and up.

  • Two Adjustable Seat Mount Points

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