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ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Invictus Signature | Matty Ceravolo

ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Invictus Signature | Matty Ceravolo

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Root Industries have collaborated with long time team rider and Aussie scooter legend Matty Ceravolo and together they have created the Matty Ceravolo Signature Invictus complete scooter.

This Matty Ceravolo signature Invictus complete scooter has some stand out features not seen on any other complete scooter.  These additions include 24mm Honeycore mirror wheels with statement clear PU, Honeycore cut out on the top of the deck with the base of deck and bars featuring Matty’s custom designed signature graphic.

Root Industries range of Invictus scooters are packed with amazing pro features and this new signature Invictus is no exception. The Invictus is one of the most sort after completes in the Root Industries line-up as it is the perfect light weight complete for the intermediate rider who needs a scoot that won't hold back their progression. One of the ground-breaking standout features on the Invictus complete scooter range are the Hi-Modulus Alloy (HMA) handlebars. The material these bars are constructed from is as light as aluminium, but almost 50% stronger.

More about Matty:

Matty Ceravolo has been a household name in scootering since the early days of the sport. Hailing from the land down under, this absolute machine of a scooter rider does Australia proud with his insane - and seemingly limitless - bag of tricks, his kind, proper demeanour, and his drive to be the very best.

Matty has worked closely with designers at Root Industries to ensure that his first ever complete pro scooter is the perfect balance for anyone aspiring to ride hard, air high, and throw the most satisfying stunts ever experienced.

Matty didn’t get all the fun, Root Industries also teamed up with Clayton Lindley for another signature complete, check it out here.

Main Features:

  1. 110mm x 24mm Mirror Honeycore Wheels with clear PU

  2. Matty Ceravolo Signature Graphics

  3. Honeycore cut outs in the top of the deck

  4. Famously-fast ABEC-11 bearings

  5. HMA “High Modulus Alloy” Aluminum handlebars - 24” x 23” (610mm x 580mm)

  6. Super-soft and durable R2 Grips

  7. Super-smooth AIR Headset (the smoothest headset on the market)

  8. Hyrdo-formed headtube and extruded Deck - 4.8” x 19.7” (123mm x 500mm); 82.5 degree headtube angle; 2mm concave

  9. Forged Invictus forks

  10. High-quality nylon brake

  11. High-tensile axles

  12. Unique “one-tool” assembly and disassembly

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