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ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Lithium | SE Lotus | Black/Polished

ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Lithium | SE Lotus | Black/Polished

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Root Industries' extensive research, design and testing by their riders, has created the ultimate hybrid scooter. The Lithium is perfect for park, street and riders of all skill levels from beginner to pro.

This Special Edition features the all new 120mm X 30mm wide Lotus wheels. These super lightweight wheels give the rider unmatched speed, stability and control for every riding terrain.

One of the other groundbreaking features on the Lithium complete scooter is the introduction of the Hi-Modulus Alloy (HMA) bars. This new material is as light as aluminium, but almost 50% stronger.

The Root Industries Lithium SE comes in an exclusive, all black colourway that is total legitness!!

Main Features:

  1. Ultra-wide 120mm x 30mm Lotus Wheels

  2. Famously-fast ABEC-11 bearings

  3. HMA “HI-Modulus Alloy” Aluminum handlebars - 25” x 23” (630mm x 580mm)

  4. IHC Compression

  5. All new super-soft and durable R2 Grips

  6. Super-smooth AIR Headset (the smoothest headset on the market)

  7. Forged Lithium Deck - 4.8” x 20.6” (123mm x 525mm); 82.5 degree headtube angle; 2mm concave

  8. Forged Lithium forks

  9. Boxed deck-ends/dropouts

  10. High-quality nylon brake

  11. High-tensile axles

  12. Unique “one-tool” assembly and disassembly


  • Lighter and Stronger High Modulus Alloy (HMA) Bars25” x 23” (630mm x 580mm)

  • Hydroformed 82.5 Degree Lofted Headtube

  • Extruded Deck w/ Large Foot Space, Engineered Drop-outs and Flat Sides

  • Ultra-wide 120mm x 30mm Lotus Wheels w/ Famously Fast Abec 11 Bearings

  • Easy-to-Maintain IHC Compression

  • All New Super Soft & Durable R2 Grips

  • Super Smooth AIR Headset

  • Forged Lithium Forks

  • High-wear Nylon Brake

  • Unique "One Tool" Assembly and Disassembly