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ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Type R Mini | Rocket Fuel

ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Type R Mini | Rocket Fuel

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The Root Type-R Mini scooter. Known for being a high-end, high-quality scooter at an affordable price. Now everyone can enjoy them! All Scooters Ship FREE!

The Root Industries Type R Mini were replicated from Roots popular Type R range; they are constructed with the same high-quality parts only a little smaller and are strong enough to handle the same high-quality pro riding as the bigger counterparts.

These mini scooters are perfect for riders from the age of 3 who are ready to step up to their first pro-level scooter, these Root mini scooters are created for pro riders making them ideal for the skatepark and safe for kids to ride on ramps and to perform tricks.


  • Barcode # 9350759096191

  • Deck Size: 440mm with nylon front and back inserts

  • Bar: Standard Chromoly Steel

  • Forged fork

  • AIR Headset

  • Lithium Double Clamp

  • Wheels: 110mm x 24mm 8-Spoke Black PU / Black core

  • R2 Grips

  • Root “Cut-out R” Griptape

  • High-quality Nylon Brake

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