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Versatyl Scooter | S2S | Limited Edition

Versatyl Scooter | S2S | Limited Edition

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Versatyl Scooter S2S Limited Edition

Technical Specification

2.940 Kg / 6.48 Lbs
6061 T6 aluminium bar and Deck
83° angle
510 mm / 20.1 inch long deck
118 mm / 4.65 inch wide deck
Integrated headset
600 mm / 23.6 inch high bar
540 mm / 21.3 inch wide bar
IHC compression
4130 Cr heat threated fork
110 mm wheels

210 g lighter than the v1
The lightest actual complete scooter on the market
Only 6 mm alen key screws
IHC compression system
4130cr die casted fork (105 lighter than on the v1)
Lightest scooter bar on the world (80g lighter that the v1)
New nylon / steel brake (as Ethic DTC)
Wider and stronger deck

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