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Root Industries Scooters

The ultimate freestyle ride

Root Industries scooters have always stood out from the crowd with their bold and unique colours and sleek design.


Root TYPE-R Overall Height 820mm

  • ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Type R Mini | Splatter | Blue / White

  • ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Type R Mini | Splatter | Pink / White

  • ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Type R Mini | Rocket Fuel

  • Root Industries Type-R Complete Pro Scooter | Black Blue White

  • ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Type R | Rocket Fuel

  • ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Type R | Black/Pink/White

  • ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Type R | Matte Black



Root INVICTUS Overall Height 850mm

  • Root Industries Invictus Complete Pro Scooter | Rocket Fuel

  • ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Invictus | Rocket Fuel

  • ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Invictus Signature | Clayton Lindley

  • ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Invictus Signature | Matty Ceravolo

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    ROOT INDUSTRIES | Complete Scooter | Invictus | Afterburner | Blu-Ray


After all, this brand has always been known for its high-grade scooters across the globe. But Root Industries scooters are about more than just good looks and fashion – the brand prides itself on producing high-end, high-quality scooters at affordable prices so that anyone can enjoy them.

Root Type-R Completes

After the success of their first release of scooters, Root Industries put their heads together to think of a new way to up the ante. The result? The wickedly good-looking Root Type-R Complete scooter – a combination of all the best features of Root Industries first four scooters.

This scooter has everything you need to become the ultimate rider – it’s innovative, functional and affordable. It’s the holy grail of scooters!

Root Invictus Completes

With the ultimate balance of quality and price, the Root Invictus Complete scooter is ideal for riders who want to progress their riding and stunt skills more quickly. With a perfectly balanced deck, ultra-wide wheels and the expertise of Root Industries behind it, this scooter will help you progress so fast, it’s almost like cheating!

The deck is designed to maximize foot space whilst remaining compact, while the sturdy wheels increase the stability of the scooter, making the step from beginner to professional rider so much easier.

Root Industries are suited for the following riders:

Age: 8+
Riding level: Beginner to professional
Riding Style: Professional (pro), street, skatepark, general fun.

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